What Is Music Therapy?

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Wednesday April 17, 2024

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What you can expect in this seminar!

Journey through the History 

Uncover the roots of music therapy, from ancient healing rituals to its evolution in in the 1900s. Learn about the visionaries who shaped what it is today and meet the modern innovators who are taking this field to new heights.

The Role of a Music Therapist

Music therapy stands out in its own unique way. It's more than just the music; it's about the professionals leading the sessions. Rooted in research and clinical knowledge, this profession tackles a broad range of psychological, cognitive, and social needs, making it a highly effective form of therapy.

Benefits from Music Therapy

Experience the powerful stories and videos with individuals of all ages, from children to seniors, and understand how music therapy is impacting areas like mental health, education and dementia care.

The Latest Evidence

Explore the latest scientific findings from psychology and neuroscience that underscore the effectiveness of music therapy and how this evidence is informing practices and work around the globe.

Global Innovations

Gain insights into new innovations, ranging from local projects to global partnerships, and discover the expanding role of robots, digital therapeutics, online programs and how certified music therapists can contribute to employee assistance services.

The Future of Music Therapy

Share your thoughts and ideas in an interactive segment about the future and potential of music therapy. Find out how you can become an advocate, volunteer, or even start a career in this fulfilling field.


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